Dr Zak’s Protein Bread and Protein Pasta Review

Protein Bread Protein Pasta

Probably the best time to start a new regime is on the first month of the new year. Whether your goals are to lose weight or to put on some muscle you need essential macronutrients to weather and keep track of your caloric intake regardless of the goal you are aiming to achieve.
At Gains2Power we have tried and tested both of Dr Zak’s Protein Bread and Protein Pasta and have given it some thought in how to approach this review, as it is our first actual food (not supplement) review we have published. Let’s kick things off with the bread…

Protein Bread

As you can see from the bread itself, you would not think that it is protein bread at all by the look of it.

The Taste – The bread tastes of high quality bread, it has been excellently made to ‘be bread’ but with the boost of 15 grams of protein per slice, which compared to a standard bread slice, which would consist of no more than 6 grams. We were expecting that ‘protein taste’ you get in a protein bar, however we were stunned and our eyes opened widely to how good the texture and taste was. This bread can be the decisive point in hitting your protein needs on a day to day basis.
An ideal choice for those who want to have a restricted carbohydrate intake and a higher protein intake, which is another USP of this bread is that it has restricted carbohydrates at a mere 14.9 grams per slice, which is at least 5 grams fewer than Hovis bread for example. Adding more protein to the mix ultimately leaves room to reduce the carbohydrate intake, which ultimately benefits the ‘low carb dieter’.

The Feel – The bread also was a delight for us in cleaning up, it left almost no crumbs on our board to wipe, even when the bread was toasted, it held together very well indeed.
The Price – The price of the bread is affordable if you have high fitness goals and want to maintain a lifestyle of eating quality foods, however some may feel it is slightly overpriced. At £4.49 per loaf, one can argue that it holds high unique properties which gives it the higher price tag, in fact some would see this as a bargain in comparison to quick snacks such as protein bars and shakes. This gives you the satisfaction of eating high protein foods and making your own sandwiches out of it. Or even just scraping some peanut butter over it to fill you up more than a typical protein bar which range from anything between £1.50-4.90.

Overall we give this protein bread a 9/10 for how accurate the bread tastes and feels and ultimately the additional grams of protein.

Let’s move onto the Protein Pasta…

The amazing thing about pasta is the limitless recipes you can make. What’s also amazing is the how well designed and manufactured the pasta looks and tastes. Here’s our take on the unique Protein Pasta from Dr Zak’s.

Protein Pasta

The Taste – The taste of the pasta has be highlighted that it doesn’t taste like your ordinary pasta, it has a level of ‘heaviness’ to it which can for some be a turn off, but for the individual who loves their food, will appreciate the efforts make by Dr Zak’s and the team. With an astonishing 50 grams of protein per 100 gram serving, it is bound to have a heavy taste and texture. There’s no denying that this product is individual seeking to put on muscle and who has a higher macronutrient need for protein every day. That said, it also can be a delicious addition to people who are on a controlled diet or regiment.

The Feel – As mentioned above, the feel has a heavy texture to it, but it is also worth pointing out that the pasta does require a considerable amount of chewing.
One thing is certain, if you have a busy lifestyle and need to consume your calories in one or two meals because you are stripped for time, then Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta is the answer with its high protein and moderate carbohydrate level.

The Price – Similar to the protein bread, it does have its own price tag as well. With one pack coming in at £4.70, you can’t complain too much if you have a busy lifestyle and frequently resort to restaurants being stripped for time. Normally, a pasta dish at the typical Italian restaurant will range from £7.00-14.00, and that is with a lesser amount of protein and a small amount of meat on top depending on your preference. Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta provides you with high protein levels and the opportunity to create a very high protein meal.

Protein Pasta

Maximuscle Progain Protein Powder | Gains2Power

Maximuscle – Progain 2kg (Vanilla and Chocolate) Protein Powder

The quality of protein powders on the market these days are often a mirror reflection of another. When it comes down to the important details such as the volume of the protein, whether it be an isolate, concentrate or hydrolysed whey protein, it will affect the price. This review will be on the UK’s leading sports nutrition brand, Maximuscle’s Progain Protein Powder.

Maximuscle Progain Review

Having tried many of the Maximuscle products in the past, such as their creatine and protein blend Cyclone, and their fat burning supplement Thermobol – I thought why not review a few of their products as and when I consume them. Back in May 2013, a few of the team went to the Body Power Expo and met up with Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Sam Musk. An experienced member of the Maximuscle and GSK team, who has tried and tested their products and achieved noticeable results, he gave us his opinion, suggesting we review their product, Progain and a few others. So we will be kicking things off with Progain for this review.

At the time of obtaining Progain we were lucky enough to get a half price deal on them, because of that we will be reviewing two blends, the Vanilla and Chocolate. The second review as you can imagine is purely based on taste and we have some interesting results on the taste side of things.

Per 120g serving will provide you with 458kcal. Perfect for a bulk to gain muscle, but perhaps not the ideal choice if you are trying to cut fat.

Progain’s Whey Protein Inside

Progain serves you 33.5g of protein per 120g which essentially is around a 1.75/2.00 scoop serving with two blends of protein, isolate and hydrolysed. To break down the two types of protein that Maximuscle use, we have broken down both types with an explanation of the benefits.

Isolate – The most advanced blend of whey protein with 80-90% of the substance purely being protein. This is the superior choice to use alone for lean bulking, and for sculpting a shredded body when on a calorie restricted or low carbohydrate diet.

Hydrolysed – Equally as pricey as the isolate blend, this type of protein has been pre-digested to ensure the body consumes the protein and maximises the metabolic potential within the blend.

Maximuscle Progain Review

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

The essential amino acid in all protein powders is Leucine, which is generously provided in Progain at a 3.5g serving, this is followed up with a 1.8 serving of both Isoleucine and Valine which rounds up to a total serving amount of 7.2g of BCAA’s per 120g scoop serving. This amount is seen as generous in our opinion as the usual intake per serving is usually around 5g, so a huge thumbs up in that department.

Carbohydrates and Fats

A serving of Progain will provide the user a dosage of 55g of carbs and 8.2g of fat (120g serving). The amount of carbs here is necessary to meet your dietary macronutrient needs for the day based on a single or double serving throughout the day. An ideal amount if you are trying to increase muscle mass at a caloric surplus.

The Taste of Both Vanilla and Chocolate

The taste of the both blends is what you expect from the flavour labeling, however when trying the chocolate flavour, it was quite obvious there could be some room for improvement. There was a small aftertaste which could only be described as ‘protein’, however it was very minor. The vanilla flavour was by far the superior flavour. It didn’t leave an aftertaste and certainly satisfied the taste buds. If you are going to opt for Progain to gain muscle – then the vanilla flavour would certainly be our first choice. To start your weight gain journey or if you are thinking to try Maximuscle for the first time, click here
to get a reduced price on Maximuscle Progain protein powder.

Myprotein – Impact Whey Isolate – Supplement Review | Gains2Power

We initially intended to locate a reliable protein powder at Gains2Power that would help someone accomplish their fitness and muscle building goals. This supplement review will provide you with good information about the product and the information needed to make a purchase decision.

Impact Whey Isolate

I found my solution which was Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate (Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate). They talk about it having very zero fat and carb content when compared with generic whey protein supplements which is very true to the word, one could say it is the perfect consumption when on a cut.

Muscle building
Whey Protein

I have already been using impact whey for three months now and I cannot find a fault in the product. Within a week of dieting, I was using Impact Whey Isolate and found it to be a great asset to consuming my protein levels for the day when drinking two servings per day. Another positive on the supplement is so it improves recovery quite nicely. These results didn’t come for free, Impact whey can be £5- £10 costlier than normal whey protein, but is second to none in texture, taste and ultimately the nutritional promise.

However don’t be fooled in thinking the supplement alone will get you ripped. It can only help you gain real muscle with minimal fat.  To utilize this muscle building supplement, it needs to be combined with a strict lower carb diet and also a heavy and zonked gym routine if you would like see results in your regime.

Inside the Myprotein

Below is a breakdown of the nutritional information per serving (scoop).

Per 25g:

Energy: 92.5cal
Energy: 393.3kJ
Protein (dry basis): 23.0g
Protein (as-is): 22.25g
Fat: 0.25g
Carbohydrates: 0.17g
Calcium: 100.0mg
Cholesterol: 0.5mg

Furthermore, there are a variety of flavours to choose from all using a sweetener, so you don’t have to consume the sugar from say concentrated whey.

Craze Pre-Workout Supplement Review | Gains2Power

Driven Sports has had its limelight in the media lately for what’s inside the product and what is has to offer someone who want an extra buzz during a workout. Considering the saturation of the market place and the fact that Driven Sports has “driven” through its competitors, such as USP Labs who have been famous for their Jack3d product which has not had the best reviews because of a harmful substance within, it is clear that Craze certainly is the safer and more logical pre-workout supplement on the market than its competitors.

Craze Pre-Workout
Craze Pre-Workout

What is Driven Sports – Craze?

The Craze pre workout supplement  focuses on stimulating energy to your body and improving workout performance, a great asset to your workout. See below for Gains2Power’s supplement review with first impressions and more on the surrounding of the product, such as taste and who it is targeted at.

Gains2Power | First Impressions

Craze back label supplement facts are quite interesting; they have a wide range of ingredients which are not found in the day to day pre-workout supplement. They have the common expected components which you’ll find other pre-workout supplements such as caffeine, creatine L-citrulline and more. However in Craze, they have a substance called Dendrobium (stem extract), which essentially increases caffeine synthesis when absorbed into the body. Having tried Craze at Gains2Power, we can confirm that the product lives up to its expectation and delivers a high level of energy for over six hours. Lastly, you do not get a crash after the supplement wears off, which is always a bonus especially if you are training in the morning.

Difference from Competition

Craze doesn’t contain DMAA (or geranium). Many pre-workout supplements have had to revise their ingredients due to an uproar in the last two years, regarding DMAA; the substance has been a cause to heart attacks if taken over the recommended usage. The substance then became banned in many countries because of how severe the effects are.

Stimulate your Mind

What is of particular interest for Craze is the strong emphasis they place on the muscle-mind connection, something which you would think the mind can only control, yes that is true but Craze enhances that capability further. Components such as phenylethylamine in Craze can increase your mood in a positive way.

Craze Nutrition Information
Craze Nutrition Information

The Flavour and Mixing

There are three primary flavours that Driven Sports have produced. They are grape, melon and lemon. At Gains2Power, we have chosen to opt for the melon flavour and it has not disappointed. The taste resembles a usual sports drink you would drink which is comforting, because you cannot taste any of the substances. The mixing of Craze is like water, it is very smooth and leaves very little residue when you empty the glass. You only need to stir for around five seconds before it dilutes into the water. A quality blend to say the least!


There is only one negative but it falls under common sense and that is, if you are sensitive to stimulants, you may want to avoid taking it close to bed time, because it may keep you up. The product does recommend that to avoid taking it six hours before you go to bed.

Who is it for?

Whether you want an extra kick to your training regime, Craze will be a great asset to your workouts. It is not suitable for minors which is understandable, because of contents within you need to take Craze responsibly and they are a strong advocate of that. If you feel you want to add Craze to your training to gain a lot of strength and rep power and want a discount then click here to get your Craze pre-workout today!