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Driven Sports has had its limelight in the media lately for what’s inside the product and what is has to offer someone who want an extra buzz during a workout. Considering the saturation of the market place and the fact that Driven Sports has “driven” through its competitors, such as USP Labs who have been famous for their Jack3d product which has not had the best reviews because of a harmful substance within, it is clear that Craze certainly is the safer and more logical pre-workout supplement on the market than its competitors.

Craze Pre-Workout
Craze Pre-Workout

What is Driven Sports – Craze?

The Craze pre workout supplement  focuses on stimulating energy to your body and improving workout performance, a great asset to your workout. See below for Gains2Power’s supplement review with first impressions and more on the surrounding of the product, such as taste and who it is targeted at.

Gains2Power | First Impressions

Craze back label supplement facts are quite interesting; they have a wide range of ingredients which are not found in the day to day pre-workout supplement. They have the common expected components which you’ll find other pre-workout supplements such as caffeine, creatine L-citrulline and more. However in Craze, they have a substance called Dendrobium (stem extract), which essentially increases caffeine synthesis when absorbed into the body. Having tried Craze at Gains2Power, we can confirm that the product lives up to its expectation and delivers a high level of energy for over six hours. Lastly, you do not get a crash after the supplement wears off, which is always a bonus especially if you are training in the morning.

Difference from Competition

Craze doesn’t contain DMAA (or geranium). Many pre-workout supplements have had to revise their ingredients due to an uproar in the last two years, regarding DMAA; the substance has been a cause to heart attacks if taken over the recommended usage. The substance then became banned in many countries because of how severe the effects are.

Stimulate your Mind

What is of particular interest for Craze is the strong emphasis they place on the muscle-mind connection, something which you would think the mind can only control, yes that is true but Craze enhances that capability further. Components such as phenylethylamine in Craze can increase your mood in a positive way.

Craze Nutrition Information
Craze Nutrition Information

The Flavour and Mixing

There are three primary flavours that Driven Sports have produced. They are grape, melon and lemon. At Gains2Power, we have chosen to opt for the melon flavour and it has not disappointed. The taste resembles a usual sports drink you would drink which is comforting, because you cannot taste any of the substances. The mixing of Craze is like water, it is very smooth and leaves very little residue when you empty the glass. You only need to stir for around five seconds before it dilutes into the water. A quality blend to say the least!


There is only one negative but it falls under common sense and that is, if you are sensitive to stimulants, you may want to avoid taking it close to bed time, because it may keep you up. The product does recommend that to avoid taking it six hours before you go to bed.

Who is it for?

Whether you want an extra kick to your training regime, Craze will be a great asset to your workouts. It is not suitable for minors which is understandable, because of contents within you need to take Craze responsibly and they are a strong advocate of that. If you feel you want to add Craze to your training to gain a lot of strength and rep power and want a discount then click here to get your Craze pre-workout today!


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